Put It Out Mini Fire Extinguisher Gets Featured in the You Magazine

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In one of our earlier press features, the You magazine interviewed Toli and shed much light his mini fire extinguisher product. If you’d like to read the full article click here, or simply read the images below.

It’s a concept so breathtakingly simple you’ve got to wonder why nobody thought of it before.

Lesego Maga, You Magazine

The ingenious invention started pulling in more press coverage as the weeks went on, so if you’d like read more information about the mini fire extinguisher, click here.

The inspiration of the mini fire extinguisher came from its creator, Toli Altounis, after struggling with seeing all the fires that spread through Khayelitsha in 2015. To read more into his story, click here. In the end, Put It Out needs your help in order to get one into each household in rural communities. Click here if you’d like to donate to the cause.