Handing Out Put It Out Fire Extinguishers in Alexandra and eNCA press Coverage

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Over the last few weeks, we’ve been incredibly blessed and fortunate to be both covered by eNCA (eNews Africa) as well as supported by The Angel Foundation SA. Both of these organisations helped us gain the momentum we needed to help bring more fire extinguishers to homes in rural settlements in a drive to prevent the loss of peoples’ homes as well as the lives of the people who stay there.

On Sunday, the 7th of July, eNCA gave Put It Out’s founder, Toli, some screen time on national TV in order to help create awareness about the Put It Out fire extinguisher. We think he did a great job, and really helped create awareness about the fire prevention product.

The above video is our ENCA coverage of Toli as well as the Put It Out fire extinguisher. Great job Toli!

However, it wasn’t until The Angel Network SA became involved did some truly amazing actions start. With the help of Rays of Hope, the Put It Out team traveled to Alexandra in Gauteng to help provide 300 units to families who lost their homes in the recent fire that destroyed over 30 homes. Much needed corrugated iron sheets were also supplied by another generous partner of the The Angel Network SA foundation. Below is a video that gives you a better idea of what went down on the day.

Going into Alexandra to give away Put It Out fire extinguishers with the help of Rays of Hope.

As you can see, the drive to keep everyone safe from potential fires is growing. We plan to keep this momentum going with the upcoming Mandela Day, which is on the 18th of July in South Africa. The Angel Network is sending 1,000 Put It Out units to Cape Town, where the official Stormers rugby team will be handing them out to communities in the area. We’re incredibly excited about the event and hoping that the fire extinguishers go to as many people as possible!

More photos from our trip to Alexandra, Gauteng.

That being said, winter is still upon us, meaning there’s a much greater risk now for fires to start in rural areas. If you or your business would like to help save a life or someone’s home, then visit our donation link here or send us an email.