New collaborations with the iHarvey® device – providing quick power for small appliances

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We have seen many amazing products being produced in South Africa. Every year these small businesses, much like ourselves, try to help out those less fortunate. We are, therefore, proud to announce a new collaboration with iHarvey®, a new device aimed at providing power for those wanting quick power for small appliances. Along with Rays of Hope, we are both coming together to assist with those whom lost their lives in the recent fires that spread in Alexandra on Women’s day.

What is iHarvey®?

iHarvey® is an on-demand basic electricity generator, safe and silent, and designed to operate unattended indoors to provide off grid households with useable electricity for lighting and charging of any USB chargeable devices. The iHarvey® is based off the idea of a paraffin lamp, and thus uses paraffin as a power source. Waste heat is converted into electricity using the unique Seebeck Effect. 1 litre of paraffin provides 29 hours of operation, with 1 hour using only 35ml.

What are the benefits of the iHarvey®?

image via YouTube.

The best use for this device is for students in rural areas, where electricity use can sometimes be problematic. The reach of mobile smart technology (ie: tablets and cellphones) is growing every day but there are real problems all South Africans (and many African countries) are facing; unstable, unreliable power providers and energy poverty come together to create a country with untapped potential that cannot be realised until a constant supply of electricity is provided.

The lighting systems in place in these rural areas are generally unsafe; shack fires and the death toll associated are a real, constant issue for hundreds of people.

  • The iHarvey® is safe for indoor use, with incredibly low soot and zero carbon monoxide emissions
  • It has a wide base that keeps it secure and stable as well a protection shroud that avoids touch burns.
  • It provides constant light that is cleaner to produce than solar, and provides a charging station for any USB chargeable device.

Clean, safe charging and constant light – that’s what the iHarvey® does.

iHarvey® and Put It Out – working together

Put It Out along with iHarvey® are trying to help the people who lost their homes on Women’s day this year. To find out more about iHarvey®, follow this link, else click here to learn how you can help us towards providing relief for those families.