Celebrating Mandela Day with the Kirsty Watts Foundation

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On Sunday, the 18th of July, we were able to help distribute food and blankets to the people living in the Zandspruit community. However, we couldn’t do it alone. With the huge support of the Kirsty Watts Foundation, 5 Tiger Foundation and the HTA School of Culinary, we were able to send quite a large supply to the people who need it the most during this winter season.

When we first arrived, I had no idea there would be so many supplies laid out. From baked beans to blankets, ePap to pilchards, as well as 150 boxes of fruit and vegetables (see below). Also, many boxes of the Put It Out fire extinguishers joined the supplies, which would also be distributed to the Zandspruit community.

We didn’t start the fire – but we did Put It Out!

At around 10am more people started arriving, including the HTA School of Culinary Art and the 5 Tiger Foundation in order to celebrate the legacy that is Nelson Mandela. Once everyone had arrived, we were able to demonstrate the Put It Out right there, thanks to quite a large fire. KayaFM’s David O’Sullivan was also there to capture some of the footage.

David was also able to give Toli, the founder of Put It Out, a quick interview where he spoke about the product what makes it so useful. You can listen to the interview below:

Luckily, even larger fires like this are no match for the mini fire extinguisher. Once the fire was put out, we were able to start loading the truck. Below is a list of all the items that were distributed:

  • 670 Put It Out fire extinguishers (thanks to Sasfin)
  • 300 fleece blankets
  • 300 packets of ePap
  • 300 tins baked beans
  • 300 tins pilchards
  • 150 boxes of fruit and vegetables

These supplies will be going to the elderly and orphaned children as identified by the 5 Tiger Foundation. It will also be the largest donation from the Kirsty Watts Foundation to date. Below is a video that gives an overview of what happened on Saturday.

In the end, we felt very blessed to have been given the opportunity to help distribute the food, clothing as well as our fire extinguishers to the Zandspruit community. The Kirsty Watts Foundation will continue to assist the communities from a distance with various supplies, and we will be trying our best to get as many fire extinguishers to those who need it the most.