Due to more people being at home, there’s a higher chance for fires to start in rural settlements. Donate today in order to send a fire extinguisher to shacks around SA.

The world’s first non-toxic, safe, easy to use and most cost-effective mini fire extinguisher in the world

Put it Out is an award winning mini-fire extinguisher tested and proven to be a highly effective first response to small fires. It has been tested by FireLab , part of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and is market ready.

Our Aim

To help save the lives of people in rural communities in South Africa and everyone around the world.

Helping Rural Communities

  • Shack fires account for more than 1/4 of all unattended fires
  • Between 2000 and 2010, 240,000 people were displaced and 70,000 shacks destroyed
  • A life is lost on average once every 2 days in shack fires, this is more than all other fires combined

What are its benefits?

  • Cost Effective – costs as much as a cup of coffee
  • Non-Toxic – No hazardous ingredients
  • East to use for children and adults – only 3 steps required
  • No annual maintenance – made with no mechanical parts
  • Giving back – manual production employing disabled workers
  • Level 4 BBBEE – and the benefits that come with it

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