About Us

Our Reason

“You must be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi

We are a group of passionate people that choose to be a part of the solution. Our passion for improving our society drives us to be innovative of how we bring solutions to market. We strive to be conscious of not only our consumers’ needs but to that of the entire socio-economic system we are a part of.

Put It Out endeavors to be the model business in every regard! With the high rates of unemployment in our society we have designed our production process to be  manual thus creating employment and upskilling opportunities. Our new innovative and affordable Mini Fire Extinguisher serves the most vulnerable members of our society.

Put It Out’s Mission Statement:
Create impactful solutions, affordably, sustainably and purposefully.

Statistics on fire

  • Informal dwellings in SA see more than 5 300 fires and over 200 deaths per year
  • Over 1 731 fires are caused by smoking in South Africa every year.
  • Over 16 300 fires are caused by open flames in South Africa every year.
  • Over 3 500 electrical fires occur in South Africa every year


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